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ISOPHIT Is The Most Versatile Isometric Strength Training System Ever Developed

The ISOPHIT system is designed specifically for health, fitness rehabilitation and sports performance professionals that work with people who want to look, feel, and function better.  The ISOPHIT STRENGTH TRAINING SYSTEM combines all of the education and equipment required to effectively harness the scientifically proven benefits of isometric strength training. The patented ISOPHIT Strength Trainer enables the simple and safe application of an unlimited number of isometric exercise to target every joint angle and muscle length combination in the body.

Simply put, ISOPHIT is a safe, efficient and effective way to improve strength, stability, and mobility and will help you look, feel, and function better.

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Benefits Of Isophit

Decrease body fat

  • Decrease body fat

  • Increase muscle tone

  • Improve muscular strength

  • Increase joint stability

  • Reduce muscle and joint pain

  • Improve joint mobility

  • Reduces risk of injuries


Isophit Pricing:

  • 10 sessions - $55 / session

  • 20 sessions - $50 / session

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