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An Invigorating and Energizing Sauna Session


Detox, relax, and improve your overall wellness with the superpowers of Infrared rays. Our sauna sessions provide safe and natural healing for the body like no other sauna you’ve experienced.

Ready. Sweat. Glow!

What are infrared rays?

The sun emits various types of rays that are absorbed by our skin and bodies. We are warned about the sun’s ultraviolet rays because they are dangerous and burn our skin if not protected by shade or sunscreen.


However, Infrared rays from the sun are actually completely healthy, safe, and essential to growth for all living things, including humans. Infrared provides a relaxing and soothing sensation similar to sunbathing without the worries of getting burned.


Infrared rays and the heat they provide pass through the skin’s tissue to warm the body. This absorption of the rays provides you with a natural calming warmth that is 7x more effective than a traditional sauna experience and comes with a number of health benefits.


Our Infrared saunas, developed by Sunlighten, are the only brand of infrared saunas that have been clinically proven to raise core body temperature three degrees to achieve these beneficial health enhancements.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna Treatment


Infrared rays can increase your body temperature by three degrees for a deep, detoxifying sweat that eliminates toxins in the body.

Muscle Recovery

Heat promotes blood flow that will lead to increased muscle relaxation.

Lower Blood Pressure

A double blind placebo study showed significant reduction in blood pressure with regular use of Infrared sauna therapy.

Weight Loss

Regular use of Infrared sauna treatment after three months has shown a reduction in weight and waist circumference.

Increased Circulation

A 10-20-minute session increases your heart rate 50-75% which is the same metabolic result as physical exercise.

Wound Healing

Increased blood flow and improved tissue health aids in the healing process of surface wounds.

Pain Relief

An increase in heat expands blood vessels to improve circulation which allows more oxygen to reach injured areas of the body to promote healing.


Improved circulation assists in purging dirt and chemicals and removing dead skin from the body.

Cell Health

Multiple studies have shown infrared properties can improve overall cell health and growth.


The warming quality of infrared rays that elevate your core body temperature provide a more relaxing sauna experience than enduring a traditional hot sauna that can feel more oppressive than calming.

Relax and enjoy the benefits of an Infrared sauna session at Momentum Custom Fitness.

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